World-Class Orthodontic Products Including the Uniquely Versatile TAD Fin-S

We are a small scale orthodontic device design and manufacturing company specializing in TAD's (Temporary Anchorage Devices) owned and operated by a practicing clinician, Dr. John T. Kalange, an orthodontist in Boise, Idaho.  Our company focuses on a select number of highly useful and productive devices.  Our products are real world, clinically tested and proven products.  

We focus on practicality, effectiveness and outcomes and ignore the "bottom line" motives that drive most manufacturers.  We design for usefulness first, and tackle the tough manufacturing challenges with patience and persistence.  We want our customers to be overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchase of our products so that they will be our best advocates.  Our objective is not to be the largest manufacturer, but we do strive to provide excellence and satisfaction in everything we do for you--including sales, service, and after purchase support.   

Dr. Kalange has served as a primary consultant and product tester for orthodontic companies.  You may also know him as a key advocate in promoting the refinement, testing, and teaching of Prescription Based Precision Bonding (Indirect Bonding). 

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